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Preparatory Course
at Lycée Victor Grignard

Since 1989, our school has offered a 2-year preparatory course for students wishing to take the national competitive examination to enrol in in Grandes Ecoles specialising in maths, physics and science for engineering..

This preparatory course perpetuates an ancient tradition dating back to 1841 when a preparatory course was opened at the Ecole Navale.

The course is well-rounded with strong emphasis on the sciences (mathematics, physical sciences) and includes technical applications (engineering), ICT, French and modern languages. It is designed to enable students to reach their full potential and to join a Grande Ecole that is right for them.

From Terminale pupil to Preparatory Course student
For pupils about to go on the preparatory course at Lycée Grignard

Pupils completing their final year and then going on to the preparatory course will be given a mathematics revision workbook.

The revision workbook takes pupils over the reasoning, writing and calculation techniques learnt during the past years and develops these further. It features advice and examples, followed by practice exercises with solutions provided.

The first section is for all abilities but the second one will require more in-depth study and offers pupils a look into some of the notions covered on the preparatory course.

Pupils are encouraged to work through the first section at least over the summer if they have the time and interest to do so
This is not at all compulsory and isn't even necessary for successfully completing the course!

The revision book is an effective and pleasant way for pupils to practise their techniques and strengthen their knowledge in mathematics.

Download the revision workbook: exos-terminalegrignard.pdf
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