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"La seconde"
at Lycée Victor Grignard

Pupils join the school when they enter la seconde, a significant year in their school career:

It is a year in which pupils become senior pupils
« A star lies within each of us; let us follow it and rejoice in seeing it ever higher. »
Victor Grignard

Modern language 1Modern language 2Taster class 1
(choice of 1)
Taster class 2
(choice of 2)
Option blocks
(choice of 1)
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • PFEG
    (Basic principles of economy and management)
  • SES
    (Social and economic science)
  • Computing and digital creation
  • Literature and Society
  • Scientific methods and practices
  • Modern language 3: Italian or Japanese
  • Latin
  • Drama
  • European Option

  • Each elective on offer at the Lycée Victor Grignard is subject to availability, sufficient numbers of pupils and timetabling possibilities.
  • Electives are compulsory once selected by the pupil and approved by the Lycée.
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