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The boarding house at Lycée Victor Grignard

The boarding house has specific rules for pupils and students.
See House Rules section.

Pupils in la seconde, première and terminale grades: :
The boarding house is a place where pupils learn to live together. Its social and educational facilities provide a more supportive, nurturing community.

For the benefit of all, the boarding house has specific times for sleep, study, meals and leisure.

Boarders have compulsory study times and the possibility of working in groups and obtaining support from teaching assistants. This allows them to progress quickly.

Duty Staff

A home away from home

Duty prefects ensure a homely and cohesive atmosphere by organising various outings: cinema, bowling,

In addition, the school itself organises various enrichment and community outreach activities: Jazz sous les Pommiers in Coutances, monthly events organised by games association called "Des Jeux Plein la Manche".

All these activities take place under school supervision.

Take a virtual tour of a bedroom and see some photos.

Students on the preparatory course

The boarding house has been made available to preparatory course students to help them study in the best conditions.

It is open from 7.45am on Mondays to 8am on Saturdays. Certain students may access the boarding house on Sunday evenings on prior request.

Prices include: accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Students and pupils living outside the school have the option of half-board which includes:

Note: half-boarders are not allowed into the bedrooms or dormitories.

Half-board allows students to benefit from quality supervision and services while learning to be independent outside of school.
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