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Scientific Baccalaureate
atLycée Victor Grignard

The scientific baccalaureate will be of particular interest to those pupils who enjoy scientific subjects such as maths, biology, physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences.

This baccalaureate is ideal for going on to study science, technology or health at university. The curriculum is broad and balanced, giving pupils possibilities in other fields too.

Modern language 1Modern language 2Final year specialisms
(choice of 1)
(choice of 2)
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Introduction to digital science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Earth and life sciences
  • Latin
  • Drama
  • Modern language 3: Italian or Japanese
  • “European” option
  • Physical education

*Note :
  • Modern language 3 must have been studied in la seconde grade.
  • Admission to the physical education option is subject to approval by PE staff at the beginning of the year.
  • Warning: Not all combinations of electives are possible
  • Each elective on offer at the Lycée Victor Grignard is subject to availability, sufficient numbers of pupils and timetabling possibilities.
  • Electives are compulsory once selected by the pupil and approved by the lycée.

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